Monday, 5 March 2012

Quick description of Berlin

Berlin was a very strange place. I took some time to look around and I noticed the big difference between the rich West and the alternative East, like this wall was still here, invisible, 23 years after its destruction.
However, I met really nice people and got involved in a Vokü which is a kind of illegal community center where I ate for 2 euros some vegetarian food.
For info,  Vokü Vo = Volks, Kü = Küche (Kitchen for the People). Thanks to Martin for the explanation.
The gig at Sanatorium did not go too well, as I don´t know what to play when it is a place where people are coming for hanging out before going to big clubs. I played with my friend Tetro from 9pm to 2am and moved to this underground community center where they organized a party for charity purpose. Drinks were around 1,20 euros so very cheap :)
I could have played for fun from 8am but I had my train to Munich at 1am the same day, so I kept my energy, and believe me, it was worth it :) I will post some random pics from Berlin soon.
To be continued...

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